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Welcome to my new blog!

This project got started because I wanted to start writing more tech-related posts. Twitter doesn't give me enough characters, and my other sites just didn't feel quite right. I'd been wanting to dip my toes into learning some actual frameworks, and since I had a long weekend - I decided to do some quick research and see what sounded good!

I knew I wanted to learn Vue when I was ready, so I focused on that pretty quickly. And I knew I wanted something I could host on Netlify, since it's done well for me so far, and I could do it for free - so that meant whatever CMS I was going to use had to be online and likely server-less. I pretty quickly found Netlify CMS, and decided to give Gridsome a try. I hear so much about Gatsby, and Gridsome is meant to be very similar, just written around Vue. Alright - frameworks picked!

I still know next to NOTHING about either of them (and now I've got GraphQL in the mix as well, as the database language), but I was able to figure out enough to get some basic styling done, and get all the details of the posts I wanted visible to show up. It took a lot of trial and error, but somehow I've managed it! There's still a lot to learn, but I've still got improvements I want to make, so I'll be digging in every so often to improve things around here.

For now - what can you expect to find here? I intend to write about a few things:

  • 100 Days of Code logs - more detailed than what I can write on Twitter
  • Learning guides - how I got through difficult challenges
  • Miscellaneous struggles and successes related to learning to code & job hunting

So - welcome along on the journey! I'll write a bit more about the challenges I've faced so far getting this blog set up soon, and the 100 Days posts should start tomorrow. For now - have a great night, and I'll see ya'll again soon!

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